Bed Exit Sensor Pad (Wired/ Wireless)

  • Foldable design for easy storage

Especially tailored for small storage spaces in hospitals, the bed sensor pad can be folded in half without ruining the highly sensitive pressure detecting pad composition. 

  • Convenient fixation above mattress

The sensor pad is thoughtfully designed with anti-shifting holes, enabling straps to firmly secure the pad beneath bed sheet on top of the mattress. 

  • Optional wireless design

Wireless design of sensor pad not only avoid cable tripping accidents or wire length limitation, but also allows the device to be hidden from patient’s sight. Warmcare's transmitter is placed inside the pad's pocket for convenience in use.

  • Hygiene design for standard hospital disinfection

Moisture resistant pad surface allows standard sanitization with hospital grade disinfectant wipes without decoloring instruction printed on the pad, making cleaning efficient and effective as ever. 

  • Simple install & minimum setting

Simply attach the wired sensor pad to alarm monitor (or wirelessly connect the transmitter with multiple monitors), the sophisticated yet easy-to-use sensor pad can immediately send out alert signals when the patient strays from their bed.