Portable Card Pager (Wireless)


1st Warmcare ultra-thin wireless Portable Card Pager perfectly designed for caregivers knot on their uniform, waist or neck etc. Carrying with them to receive the emergency alarm anytime, anywhere.


  • Self-explanatory interface with alarm details

Assists caregivers with alerts identifying specific source of alarm through LCD display. With vibration mode of pager, the device is applicable even for environment that requires silence.

  • Tailored material and colour

Protective case made of strong but soft silicone maximize usage comfortability and increase durability. Case surface allows standard sanitization with hospital grade disinfectant wipes, making cleaning efficient. The case color set off the uniform of the caregivers in most hospital/ elderly home.

  • Laminated design, charge multiple devices at one time

Charging multiple devices at the same time, minimizing space required for charging.

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