Haloa - Hip Protector

  • Anthropometrically designed all-rounded hip protection

Developed together with renowned university in Hong Kong, backed by abundant research and empirical support, we are using the most scientific way to reduce fall injury risk. 

  • Materials for effective fall impact redirection

Layers of TPU, silicone and soft sponge combined to form super powerful yet comfortable impact shield fitted at the side of the hip protector to perfectly absorb and transfer away forces from fall to protect wearer’s hip bone. 

  • Tailored fitting maximizing comfortability

Especially designed for Asian, the hip protector offers S to XL sizes, with elastic waistband and unique roomy thighs opening ensuring wearers not constrained by tight cutting. 

  • Anti-bacterial finished textile products

The Hip Protector is made of washable, breathable and skin friendly anti-bacterial finished textile, preventing allergy and moisture build-up, maximizing comfort. 

  • Discreet unisex design

The Hip Protector’s discreet low-profile skin-like color, together with thin and light weight detachable pads, are virtually undetectable under clothing, making this model ideal for both fashion-conscious male or female.