March 28, 2023

Contin Technology Recognized as “Happy Company 2023”

With the core principle to care, Contin Technology strive to create a comfortable workplace with positive morale, while emphasizing on wellbeing of all our employees. We have joined the “Happiness at Work” scheme and are certified as one of the “Happy Company” devoted in creating a positive and healthy environment where every member is valued and treated fairly.


By building a rewarding and inclusive culture, and creating job satisfaction for all employees, each member of Contin Technology is motivated, acknowledged, and fulfilled in performing their very best, knowing that their efforts would be recognized and respected. Talents shall be encouraged to not only utilize, but further develop their strength, bringing opportunities to those willing to grow, flourish and thrive, while allowing them to build confidence in work, thus not only attract and retain, but also nurturing top talent in our company. We will continue to build trust and empathy in our organization, encouraging more engaging collaboration and cohesion in teamwork, for facing the ever-challenging times ahead, together, hand in hand.

Other News

Ching Ming Festival Holiday Notice!
Let’s take a break and spend some precious time with family and friends.
Contin Technology Limited has aways been passionate in caring about the community and been part of the Caring Company Scheme for over the past 6+ consecutive years, actively giving back to our local community and contributing to a brighter future.
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