The patient without caregiver’s permission to leave the hospital or nursing home is happening around the world, one of the most challenging and life-threaten issues is the person who is cognitive loss and occurrence of wandering when an individual strays into an unsafe area and may get harm.

Elopement is the most dangerous stage of wandering, that happens when a confused person leaves an area and does not return. The risk of wandering is a growing concern of families, long-term care facilities and regulators, it will aggravate the challenges and workload towards the families, caregivers and nurse.

With Warmcare Anti-Wandering system, to make caregiver an easy step to monitor the patients.

Simply use in 3 steps:
1. Install the main device above the door with power.
2. The subtle tag is worn by the patients and free to be active in the approved areas.
3. Once they enter within a proximity distance of the doorway, it will alert the CMU Touch alarm.

You can set the warning distance time, allowing you the time needed to secure the patients before they exit.


  • Simple installation
  • Multi-target monitoring
  • Precise distance
  • Diversified combination
  • Flexible setting
  • Wireless