Epilepsy is a common central nervous system disorder and often happens more common in children and the elderly. Well known causes of Epilepsy include: genetics, brain conditions, stroke, brain infection, congenital brain defect, benign or malignant brain tumors.

Epilepsy is a less attention topic in Hong Kong, thus contrary to this disorder support is relatively low in the market. Warmcare aims to arouse social awareness and provide alert support while detect the movement that’s present due to the seizure.

Hence, we introduce Epilepsy Solution to Hong Kong caregivers. Alert IT (UK) has pioneered epilepsy support technology for over 25 years. With Ep-iT Solution can monitor those at risk of tonic-clonic symptoms and situations arising from bed vacation, provide instant alert support.

Seizure Presentation Coverage:

  • Perspiration
  • Salivation
  • Enuresis
  • Verbal sounds
  • Repetitive movement (night)
  • Leaving bed

As Alert IT distributor, we provide wireless and wired version of Epilepsy monitor with bed exit, nurse call and telecare compatibility function (optional), select your best choice.


  • Simple Installation
  • Suits most bed & mattress
  • Read complex seizure patterns
  • Monitors bed exit, bed wetting and epilepsy
  • Long distance failsafe radio
  • Ideal for both professional and domestic use