Plesio Pager

Suggest for: Home use

It is a portable one-to-one alert receiving solution. It works together with Companion Mini sensor, so caregivers/ family member can take care of epilepsy individuals.

  • Great mobility with long operation range

Feature Failsafe radio with a range of up to 450 metres, giving caregivers the freedom to be away from patient, while being assured that they are still protected 24/7, even at night time.

  • Long backup battery life

Caregivers are recommended to use the pager while connected with power supply for daily usage, to prevent accidents from low battery. The rechargeable backup battery last for up to 3 days, minimizing maintenance effort and avoid accidental power outages.

*** Optional version for professional care

With capability of connecting up to 8 channels, caregivers can take care of multiple patients at once without need of constantly making rounds.