In Hong Kong, it is estimated that 5 to 8 out of every 100 persons over 65 years of age have dementia. Moreover, there are nearly 20-30% people over 80 years old suffer from dementia of different extents. Wandering is a common symptom of dementia. Once these residents get loss, they may encounter dangers. Due to the decline of memory and communication skills, they were not able to explain why they wandered, which makes caregiver worried.

In caring for elderlies with dementia, caregivers may not be able to look after them all the time. Have you ever thought of entrusting this important task to electronic devices?

Warmcare - OptiGuard Anti-Wandering System aimed at taking care of the elderly with dementia, helping to reduce their chances of getting lost. When residents wearing the Tag Transmitter enter the designated area, the Door Bar Monitor will give an instant alarm to prevent the residents from leaving the hospital/ elderly home. In the meantime, the alarm can notify caregivers about the situation and location of the resident in real time and provide assistance.

Warmcare – OptiGuard Anti-Wandering System

Flexible Monitoring ● Instant Alarm

The detection sensitivity is around 1-4M, particularly suitable for Hong Kong ward environment.

Adjustable Design

Alert delay time and volume, operating range and detection sensitivity can be adjusted. The wearing style of Tag Transmitter can also be easily customized.

Simple Operation ● No Learning Time Is Needed

Just switch on the Door Bar Monitor and make sure the residents have worn a Tag Transmitter, Anti-Wandering System can operate instantly.

OptiGuard Anti-Wandering System not only can work independently, it can also be paired with CMU Touch integrated management platform or Medical Call Centre which are applicable for use in different sizes of wards. This platform can pair with various Warmcare products like Bed Exist Sensor Pad, Call Button etc., to achieve all in one integrated management solution.

Let Warmcare to protect the residents with advanced technology. Let's care together.
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