In facing of the Covid-19 spreading around the world, HKTDC Hong Kong International Medical & Healthcare Fair 2020 will be changed through online platform. With using Click2Match or other online platform, allowing us to have a virtual demonstration meeting with you in promoting Warmcare's latest product information and trends, product demonstration, real-time solving your questions about the product etc. It’s glad that if you can share the problems encountered in your daily work, let us customized the most suitable solution for you.

DetectPro Fall Management System
By using bed exit sensor pad can effectively detect the movement of the patient, an alarm notification will send out after they left the bed. The system reduces the risk of fall and relieves the pressure of the caregivers. At the same time, to improve the quality and efficiency for the healthcare system.

PanicFree Intelligent Call Bell System
In order to meet the needs of local hospitals and nursing home, our Call Button and the interface of Central Monitoring Unit Touch adopt a unique design with simple and easy operation platform to convenient the caregiver in taking care of multiple patients in the meantime. It provides instant alert with professional IT technology in deliberating the challenges that the caregivers facing every day.

OptiGuard Anti – Wandering System
When the demented elderly pass through the designated area, the system will giving an alert to the nurse call station. It greatly reduces the risk of loss and share the caregivers’ workload. Provide an economic, practical and reliable solutions for hospitals, elderly home and healthcare center.

Epilepsy Solution
A solution that can identify the symptoms of twitch, leaving bed, incontinence etc. that are generally caused by epilepsy and the solution especially counters the movement detection of Tonic – Clonic. It effectively support at night to alert the caregivers and create a peace of mind places in elderly homes, hospital and home.

How to find us in HKTDC Click2Match platform?

The opening of Summer Sourcing Week – Medical & Healthcare Fair 2020:

27th July, 2020 (Mon) – 7th Aug, 2020 (Fri): 10am – 5pm

Please log in to the following website, arrange a meeting with us:


If none of the above date and time can match with your schedule, please contact us!