The past few months have been unprecedented and challenging. As the world adapts to the oncoming restrictions and changes resulting from the global pandemic, especially for the healthcare system. The increasing number of inpatients and the problem of adding extra beds resulting in increasing the caregivers workload and pressure.

In times like these, Warmcare is here to assist. With our PanicFree Intelligent Call Bell System, leave the panic out.

How it works?

When a call button is activated, the signal will be transmitted to the CMU Touch with user ID in real time. Then, the caregiver can quickly respond with manage and assist all the residents or users according to all the health information and alerts displayed by the CMU Touch in accurate location. Help for increase the efficiency of caregivers.

We understand the environment is vary in each facility setting. In view of this, our repeater signal booster can expand the signal coverage in response to the environment needs and avoid the opportunities of rescue interrupting due to poor connection in the blind area.

When we are creating a solution, Warmcare is taking care of every single details in using product with peace of mind. At the same time, we provide product demonstration service to make you experience the benefits and convenience of the product. We offer wired and wireless, economy to premium product selections to cater all your needs.

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